Thursday, November 22, 2018

The Cure for Mashed Potato Phobia

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I'll bet if I were to take a poll and ask Americans what's their favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal, the answer would mostly likely be the mashed potatoes. Don't get me wrong. I like the turkey and stuffing too, but Thanksgiving just isn't Thanksgiving without the mashed potatoes. Amazingly enough, there are people out there who forgo mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving because they're "unhealthy" or "too fattening." Sorry, but that's just wrong in so many ways, and it's a good thing I'm not having my Thanksgiving dinner at any of their houses! If I found out my host or hostess wasn't serving mashed potatoes I'd bring my own. 

No one needs to be "phobic" about mashed potatoes. Especially on a special day like Thanksgiving. There are some really simple ways to make them more "healthy" so you don't have to deprive others of their favorite part of the meal. So here are my suggestions for dealing with, "Mashed Potato Phobia."

1) Keep the skin on the potato.  

Remember when we were kids and our parents told us that the skin was the best part of the potato?  Well, they were right. Potato skins are high in vitamins and a good source of fiber. The skin also has the most flavor. So I leave some of the skin on when I peel my potatoes. Along with being healthier, it adds a wonderful flavor and texture to the finished mashed potatoes.

2) Use skim milk, 2% milk, chicken stock, or a combination thereof.

Chicken stock, along with the skins, adds even more flavor while cutting back on fat and calories. I would, however, recommend using at least little bit milk along with it just to add creaminess and thickness.

3) Skip the margarine.  

I think we all know by now that margarine is a transfat, and transfats are extremely unhealthy. I no longer allow margarine in my home, and now only use real butter. However, if you're worried about cutting fat and calories, you can also skip the butter and use the chickenstock. 

See? How simple was that? With just a few easy steps everyone can enjoy healthier, and more flavorful, mashed potatoes.

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